Shipyards in Dundee extended throughout the port area that we see today as well as within the housing area at City Quay.

launch of the Tay Ferry: The BL Nairn

These included:

  • Panmure Shipyard
  • Gourlay Camperdown
  • Caledon Yard
  • Stannergate Yard (Caledon)

The Caledon yards produced over 500 ships in their lifetime, before finally closing the gates in 1981

Caledon Shipyard in operation

One of the last wooden three-masted sailing ships to be built in the UK was the RRS Discovery. Built at the Dundee Shipbuilding Company (formerly Alexander Stephen & Sons). The City was chosen as the builders here had retained the woodworking skills whilst other shipyards had already transferred to metal hulled shipping. Dundee had also earned a reputation for building strong ships to endure the Arctic and Antarctic weather.

The exact location of the slipway where the RRS Discovery was launched is marked by a an artwork by sculptor Marion Smith.

Launching RRS Discovery


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