Opened in late 2021, Waterfront Place marks the natural start of the Maritime Trail.

Start of The Dundee Maritime Trail

This coastal themed parkland has been built on land reclaimed from the sea and on a location once home to the City's tidal harbour and entrance to the Earl Grey Dock.

The design of the park takes inspiration from its location. Waterfront Place was once well out into the River Tay. Over many years our past generations slowly reclaimed the riverbank to build the harbours and docks. As ships became larger, the docks in this area became redundant and were subsequently filled in during the construction of the Tay Road Bridge.

The landscape has been designed to reflect coastal geography with dune-like landscaping leading down to an urban beach. A maritime themed interactive play park and a travel hub building with cycle hire is also available.

Waterfront Place - reclaimed from the sea

The centrepiece of Waterfront Place is a life-sized whale sculpture by artist Lee Simmons. Whales were an important part of the region's history and continues to be relevant today with the nearby University of St Andrews undertaking advanced research into whale song and migration.

Whale Sculpture at Waterfront Place Dundee

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